Disney’s “It’s A Small World”

Many visitors avoid experiencing It’s A Small World while visiting one of the Disney Parks. There is an assumption that this is an outdated attraction, which features a song that will drone on in your brain for the rest of your visit. I was among those park visitors; I had avoided this attraction thinking it was not worth my time. I had been on It’s A Small World in Disneyland back when I was 12. And, I rode the Walt Disney World version at the age of 14. I thought that was enough. What more could I, an older visitor without children in tow, get out of revisiting this classic attraction?

However, after arriving at Magic Kingdom for an extra magic hour during my solo trip this past June, I found myself standing in front of It’s A Small World, with no line. The Mature Mouse™ decided to ride the attraction, fully aware that I might end up humming the song for the rest of my day at Magic Kingdom.

pepsi01It’s A Small World made its debuted as an exhibit to salute UNICEF during the famous 1964 New York World’s Fair. Walt Disney and his Imagineers designed and constructed this attraction for the Pepsi Cola Company. The ride is dedicated to the welfare of children all over the world. The theme for It’s A Small World became a boat ride through various cultural celebrations of children from around the world. It’s A Small World is considered by Disney historians to be the quintessential Disney experience.pepsi104

The Mature Mouse™ thoroughly enjoyed his experience on It’s A Small World. The song did not drill a hole in my brain all day. However, the attraction certainly added another layer of joy to my Magic Kingdom day. I strongly recommend that everyone take this voyage through the many villages of happy children when visiting of the Disney Parks. It will make you smile, and hum, throughout the day.

Please enjoy these short clips from my trip through It’s A Small World.

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