Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Bio: The Mature Mouse™ is an original blog written by David Brassard, a teacher living in Maine. This blog was created to give a voice to older, more mature, Disney fans. We do exist and we realize the joy in spending time at Walt Disney World and Disneyland.

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  1. Dear Mature Mouse,
    I am very impressed with your blog. I love to travel and I’m also a big fan of Goofy guys and related activities when traveling.

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  2. I love your blog. My Husband and I, both in our fifties love Disney. We spent years going with our kids, and now it’s just us. I agree whole heartedly, no one is ever to old for Disney.

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    1. Tracey: Thank you for your comment. Do your friends and family question your love of Disney? Mine still do, which is why I created this blog. Maybe it will help them better understand the mature mouse in we middle-aged fans.


  3. Thanks for writing this blog, I still have young kids but I know that once they’ve flown the nest Disney will remain part of my life. There IS so much for everyone and actually getting time in the parks just as an adult offers unique and different experiences (sometimes we have an aunt who does a spot of babysitting when on our trips!) We frequent Disneyland Paris as I’m from the UK, WDW is our next most frequent spotbut I have to say Anaheim is very much on my ‘to do’ list. I’ve dreamed for years of getting to the West Coast! Anyway keep up the great blog, I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read very much and have subscribed to it! Thanks.


    1. Welcome, and thank you for the kind words and feedback. Please let me know if there’s any topic you would like me yo deal with in future posts. Disneyland is on my must-do list, as well, and I may have an opportunity to go for a day or two in January. I don’t think I will ever make it to Paris, or the Disney parks in Asia.
      The Mature Mouse


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