A Mature Mouse™ will never be too old for Disney World

Back in Chapter 1: Never too old for Disney I talked about growing up a fan of Disney, and rediscovering this obsession as a middle-aged vacationer. My family and friends do not understand how an adult can enjoy being in a park built for kids. The article, 9 Things To Never Say To an Adult Disney Fan,  answers the constant arguments I, and other mature fans, hear on a regular basis. 

The Mature Mouse™ will never tire of visiting Walt Disney World. How about you? Are you a Mature Mouse™ who will always be planning your next trip to the parks? Do you agree with the answers presented in the article? Do you live and/or work with Disney Haters? How do you deal with their comments about your love of Disney? 

If you have not done so already, please vote here to help me plan my next trip to Walt Disney World. Please visit The Mature Mouse™ store for logo merchandise. Many of the items would make great additions to your vacation gear and attire. And, make sure you consult Jennie Nowers about your next Disney vacation. Tell her that The Mature Mouse™ sent you and receive a special gift from Jennie with your next booking.


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