3 Reasons Why Disney World Is The Most Magical Place On Earth

A Walt Disney World vacation can be expensive, stressful, and often crowded with other vacationers. Yet, there are those of us who return to the resort as often as possible. As I have stated many times in this blog, The Mature Mouse™ appreciates all the details the Imagineers have included in the Disney Parks. It is this immersion in the storytelling that, as a teacher of literature, inspires me to experience and research the resort. And, it explains why I have chosen to share my observations with other mature fans of Walt Disney World. 

DisneyFanactic.com summarized their 3 major reasons Disney World is the favorite vacation spot for so many people. Do you agree? Are there components of a Disney World vacation that keep you coming back not mentioned in this article? Please share your thoughts below.

It has been some time since I last posted a chapter from our June vacation to Walt Disney World. I appreciate your patience, and hope these informational tidbits have been helpful. A major announcement is coming, so please check back often.


2 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why Disney World Is The Most Magical Place On Earth

  1. I also think the way Walt Disney world is set up makes it magical. It’s so easy to get back and forth between parks and hotels. That helps with planning and transitions into more time in the magic!

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    1. I agree, the layout of the full resort and the parks adds to the magic, as does all the Disney transportation. Once your on property, you are immersed in the experience. I appreciate the all-inclusive approach Disney World offers its guests.

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