Top 5 Secrets about Walt Disney World’s Haunted Mansion Attraction

“Welcome, foolish mortals,” to the favorite Disney attraction of The Mature Mouse, The Haunted Mansion! As I stated back in Chapter 1: Never too old for Disney, after my first experience through the Haunted Mansion, it quickly became my favorite attraction. The theming immerses you in the three-act story of “999 happy ghosts.” 

Last fall Disney Dining posted an overview The Haunted Mansion. It explains why I consider this attraction as quintessential Disney theming. As it states in this article, there have been a few updates made since my trip last June. There are now an on-ride photo and a video, both of which is automatically downloaded to your Memory Maker account. There were other details added during this recent update that I’m looking forward to experiencing on my next visit. 

The Haunted Mansion was not an original attraction to Disneyland. The west and east coast versions were built at the same time, with the same basic track, but with different facades. There is now a version of The Haunted Mansion in every Disney Park throughout the world. Is The Haunted Mansion one of your favorite attractions? Is it on your must-do list? If not, why? Please leave your comments below. 

There is big news coming for The Mature Mouse, so please check back often during the coming week. 

If you have been to The Mature Mouse store, you may have noticed that the new logo is not featured. This issue is being worked on, so please check back soon. 


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