Off the beaten path, Disney style!

The last line of this post is the most important to The Mature Mouse: “Sometimes you just need some peace and quiet.” A Disney vacation does not require you to run from attraction to attraction, from park to park. There are many things to do away from the parks and the crowds.

Patti Travels

The last blog post was about traveling off the beaten path.  Believe it or not, you can be in Walt Disney World and still find activities that are off the beaten path.  The first thing that I think of when people ask me about what they can do in Disney World that most people don’t know about is a search for hidden Mickeys.  As imagineers (Disney engineers) design resorts, restaurants, attractions and landscape, they hide the Mickey Mouse shapes into their design.  Many of them are very difficult to find and many of them are very obvious.  There are lists of them on the internet.

If you like fireworks and want to avoid the crowds, there are 2 options. One is a bit pricey and the other canDSC_6449 fit into whatever budget you would like.  The Breathless cruise is a 1920’s wooden boat that holds a maximum of 6 people and takes you…

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