Three Reasons Being a Disney Fan is the Best

Fan of Mickey sums it up well, being a fan of Disney is great. Those friends and family of yours that do not understand you obsession are just missing out on all the Disney magic.

Fan of Mickey

When folks I work with and even others I run into find out that yes, I love Disney and it pretty much dominates most of my life, I sometimes get strange looks. Some question why I go to Disney Parks all the time and others dare to suggest that they “hate” going to Disneyland or Disney World(!!!). Of course, I try to convince them otherwise. I commonly hear in response that Disney is for kids. (Lame reason, I know,)

However, I think these people just don’t get it. Here are my three reasons why being a Disney fan is the best of all hobbies, fandoms, etc.

1. There is always something new coming out to enjoy (and obsess over)

The Force Awakens TrailerFor Disney fans, there is always a something new coming out several times each year! Whether it is an attraction, film, television show, music, or video game. Brad Bird’s homage to Walt Disney’s…

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