Top 10 Slower Attractions at Disney Parks


A Mature Mouse™ is someone who enjoys visiting Disney Parks at a slower, more casual pace. We immerse ourselves in the theming created by the imagineers. Wandering In Disney has posted a list of their top 10 slower attractions found in the Disney Parks. This is an overview of those ageless experiences that give you time to immerse yourself in the Disney experience. Do you agree with this list? I would add the Haunted Mansion to the list. As I have stated in previous posts, I am a big fan of those 999 grinning ghost.

Wandering In Disney

This is our 100th post here on Wandering in Disney.  We wanted to thank everyone who has taken the time to read our blog, we really appreciate it.  After the post you will find some of our most popular posts linked below.  Again, thank you!

Those who know me, could tell you that my love of thrill rides is strained because I, hmm what’s a delicate way to say this, am a big wimp.  I’m that guy on the roller coaster who is gripping onto whatever he can, closing his eyes and softly whimpering (not always softly).  If I ride Tower of Terror with you be prepared for extra attention being paid to our ride photo as other guests stand and laugh at that guy sitting in the corner with his head tucked in his lap, looking like he is crying.  Now that going to theme parks has become a more regular occurrence…

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