The Told and Untold Stories Within Walt Disney World

I often refer to Disney magic in my blogs. Much of that magic can be found in the details within the stories created by the Imagineers.

Magical World of Walt

One-man's-dream-(5)Walt Disney was a story teller.  I don’t know that he could have ever imagined how many realms his brand would expand into when he first began drawing cartoons but his brand has continued to be loyal to the storytelling business.

I often warn people who have never been to Walt Disney World not to expect ground breaking and record breaking thrill rides.  The Disney Company is not in that business.  They are in the business of storytelling, even in their parks.  Now, they might build some thrilling experiences into their story but thrills will never be the primary focus of an attraction.

Not all of the attractions within Disney Parks were inspired by a Disney film.  Some attractions were inspired from other films, folklore, or from the history books.  A storyline can be found in just about every attraction and fsept 24 127or some, that story begins before you even set foot…

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