The Best of Walt Disney World Live Entertainment

This is a great overview of the different types of live entertainment offered at Disney World. As a mature vacationer, I like taking time out of my park touring to enjoy these attractions.

The Mickey Mindset

Mitchell Stein- Walt Disney World is well-known for many different things, ranging from it’s first class attractions to it’s scrumptious dining and it’s magical meet and greets, but one thing that Walt Disney World is superior for is it’s incredible live entertainment. I’ve been to Walt Disney World so many times that I’ve already lost count, and with every visit, I am in awe at the perfection of the live entertainment that we are treated to there. In today’s article, I will be spotlighting my top favourite shows at the Walt Disney World parks.

Voyage of the Little Mermaid:

This is a wildly entertaining live-stage show located in the former location of the short-lived Here Come The Muppets stage show. This show includes all of the iconic songs from the movie, and the characters appear in puppet form performed by a performer dressed entirely in black behind a black curtain…

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