Disney’s 7 Dwarfs Mine Train is a real gem

Imagineers include many details in their design of the parks and attractions immerse guests in Disney magic. Whether it is force perspective used to create Main Street in the Magic Kingdom, or the remnants of British occupation found in the African village of Harambe at Animal Kingdom, the details enhance the guest experience. Although The Mature MouseTM has often stated that a Disney vacation is not just about riding an attraction, we cannot ignore the details evident in those attractions. Imagineers’ attention to theming makes a Disney attraction more than just an amusement park ride.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, often referred to as the crowning jewel of New Fantasyland, is more than just a rollercoaster; it is an experience that immerses you into the world of Walt Disney’s original full-length animated feature, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Before we discuss this attraction, take a few minutes to watch this clip from the 1937 movie.

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 2.56.39 PMRising up in the middle of New Fantasyland, surrounded by walkways and other attractions, Imagineers were given a relatively small space in which to design and build this attraction. They did an amazing job capturing the key elements of the original movie, while offering guests a family-friendly thrill ride.

The Mature MouseTM experienced Seven Dwarfs Mine Train twice during my last visit, both times utilizing a FastPass+ selection. The queue has been designed to keep guests entertained while waiting to board the mine train. However, with wait times that can often exceed 90 minutes, this is one of those attractions for which I recommend reserving a FastPass.IMG_1980

You board the train in the Dwarfs’ cottage. It is obvious that Imagineers took great effort to create a ride vehicle that looked and acted like an authentic train car that would have been built by the Seven Dwarfs. Each car looks and feels as if hewed from trees, weathered and worn over the years.

JPEG image-8EFFF49EF7C4-1Your car takes a short spin before climbing a small hill. The track then drops as you speed your way into the mine, where the coaster becomes a ‘dark ride.’ You slowly pass each Dwarf working in the mine. The Imagineers have created an experience that replicates scenes from the movie. The audio animatronics and new 3D projection technology brings each Dwarf to life. Toward the end of this portion of the ride, the clock chimes and the Dwarfs break into a round of “Heigh-ho, it’s home from work we go.” As you climb out of the mine, you see the shadows of the Dwarfs following along beside you. From there you rdsc_0008ush through the woods, pass a waterfall, and back to the cottage. Your car stops in front of the Dwarfs’ home. You can see them dancing with Snow White through the front window, oblivious to the imminent danger that lurks at their door.

The ride is smooth with none of the clickety-clack of most coasters. Each car sways independently from side to side as you take each curve of the track. The Imagineers included several of the original items from Snow White’s Scary Adventures, which closed as part of the New Fantasyland construction.

This is a the on-ride video from my recent trip. Look for me in the second seat of the first car, wearing the blue shirt. This type of video is available for purchase if you have the Memory Maker package.

Have you had the opportunity to ride Seven Dwarfs Mine Train? Is it on your must-do list? If so, why? Or, is this attraction you choose to skip? If so, I would enjoy hearing why? Please leave your comments below.

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