Disney Bans Selfie Sticks

Over the past several days, The Mature Mouse™ has spent a considerable amount of time in each of the four parks. I only observed the use of selfie sticks twice, both occasions were guests taking a photo before entering the park while standing away from other guests. Nevertheless, I spoke with a few cast members and they say this has become a real problem on rides, even with the warnings not to use them. 

The Main Street Mouse just posted an interesting take on Disney choice in banning selfie sticks. As stated in this article, the use of selfie sticks has been just a symptom of a bigger issue: rude, self-centered, inconsiderate, entitled guests. The Mature Mouse™ did experience a great deal of these types of behaviors in the parks.  

 Here are only a few of the types of behavior I did witness, some of which I personally experienced.

  • There are those guests who feel it is appropriate to push you aside to speed to their destination. 
  • The guests who jam themselves in front of you while waiting in line, especially if you are the front of that line. These types of people do not appear to care about personal space, so do not leave breathing room between you and those guests in front of you or someone will see this as an opportunity to skip ahead in line. 
  • Those guests who feel it is appropriate to loudly talk over the audio introductions to shows or attractions. An extension of this behavior is loud talking, laughing, joking during a “dark ride.” This is exceedingly annoying when there is narration involved in the attraction, like the Ghost Host on Haunted Mansion.
  • Parents who ignore, or approve, of children swinging their toy (light saber, glow stick, sword, etc.) while walking through crowds.

Do not misunderstand my comments, I still love being in the parks. Perhaps Disney could create a test to measure rudeness, or civility, for all those wanting to enter the parks.