The Original Disney Cruise

IMG_2399Are you a fan of Disney’s Jungle Cruise? Do you prefer to ride this attraction during the day or at night?

According to The History of Disney, “Jungle Cruise was one of the first early attractions not based on a Disney animated film. Onthe suggestion of Harper Goff, the attraction took its inspiration from the film The African Queen. Walt’s early plans for this ride included real live animals. Inspired by the success of his True-Life Adventure Films, he was determined to bring these wonders of nature to a place where guests could see them up close and share his admiration.

“Upon Consultation with animal-care specialists, Walt was convinced that although the domesticated mules and horses in Frontierland could generally be counted on to perform their roles, live exotics animals would never provide the consistent show he wanted. They couldn’t be trusted to stay in areas in which they’d  remain visible, they’d sleep most of the day, and they’d surely be irritated by the constant boatloads of gawkers and the special effects required to tell the story.

“In this video you will see the virtual jungle cruise tour presented by Walt E. Disney himself.”