Freebies at The Disney Parks

This post from Wandering In Disney list a few of the freebies, or almost free, available in and around the parks. I would add free Disney transportation to this list. Are there any other freebies you would add? Please comment below.

Wandering In Disney

Everyone knows that going to the Disney Parks can cost a pretty penny. It seems as though every little thing costs something at the parks and the price of the trip can add up quickly. Though this may be the general consensus on finances at the parks, there are some free perks that are welcomed with open arms. Even though they may be minuscule to some, it’s always nice to get something free or as close to free as possible.

Water – No, I’m not talking about free trips to the water fountain. Most people like to bring their own water bottles or just buy them for convenience at the closest stand. However, $3 a water bottle adds up and if you don’t have a cooler, that $3 is wasted on hot water that is not pleasant to drink. Some Disney goers do not know this, but you can ask…

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