Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse

Happy 87 to the one and only, Mickey Mouse! 

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Thank you, Walt Disney, for sharing your imagination with us. 

1928 – Present
It all began with Walt Disney’s animation, Steamboat Willie.



Thank you, readers!

I began The Mature Mouse™ blog six months ago by sharing my Disney story. My goal was to establish a dialogue with my fellow Disney fans. The term The Mature Mouse™ reflects my persona, a middle-aged fan of Disney. The look of the logo has changed, but the goal is still the same. Perhaps, with the help of some Disney magic, The Mature Mouse™ community will convince those non-fans about the joy found in a Disney Vacation. Remember, it all started with a mouse.

There are currently over 320 followers of this blog via various social media, including WordPress, Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter. I am completely overwhelmed and incredibly humbled. It is because of you, my readers, that I continue to learn, research, and post material about Disney.

As I posted a few months ago, I have been given the opportunity to return to Disney World in June. The purpose of this solo trip is to gather information, acquire lots of pictures, and immerse myself in the theming created by Disney Imagineers, all of which I will share with you. I will shortly begin posting information regarding the planning process for this upcoming trip. I look forward to receiving your valuable comments. And, I would appreciate your feedback for improving this blog.  

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