Why Disney?

The Mature Mouse™ has begun planning for my next solo trip to Walt Disney World. And, just as they did before my last three trips, family and friends still ask me the same questions.

  • “Why do you always choose to vacation at Walt Disney World?”
  • “You have already been there several times, haven’t you seen and done everything?”
  • “You can go on rides at other cheaper amusement parks. So, why spend all that money going to Walt Disney World?”

Disney Parks are NOT amusement parks. Regardless of their location, Disney Parks are theme parks, and there is a clear difference. An amusement park is filled with rides and entertainment experiences unrelated by theme. Amusement parks do not immerse guests into a story or narrative. Whereas, a theme park relies on the art of storytelling, and no one does it better than Disney. Walt was the master of storytelling, which is reflected in his animations and Disneyland, the original Disney theme park.

Amusement parks are designed for guests to run from ride to ride. It is unfortunate that many Disney guests tend to do that. Disney creates a unique world, featuring attractions the allow guests to become part of a story.

Susan Veness, the author of The Hidden Magic of Walt Disney World, discusses the magic of storytelling created by Disney Imagineers.Unknown

“Enter a Walt Disney World theme park and you have the Imagineers’ promise that you will experience unforgettable stories. Each land and attraction is like a multilayered, immersive tale that transports visitors into the realm of fantasy, adventure, discovery, and magic. The Key to Disney’s success lies in the small details that flesh out the stories, making them utterly compelling and completely believable. [However], many of the details are obscure, and guests walk by them all day long without fully appreciating what they are and why they are there.”

IMG_3327With that information in mind, here is my response to those questions The Mature MouseTM is always asked. As one might reread a favorite novel, or rewatch a favorite movie, a fan of Disney Parks returns to experience the magic of Disney storytelling. A true fan enjoys the immersion in the worlds Disney Imagineers have created, and are constantly updating. And, I have mentioned this before, Walt Disney World is twice the size of Manhattan, about the same size as San Francisco. How many visits to these cities would it take to see everything?

My blog, Details of Disney Magic, posted August 30, 2015, focuses on the details Imagineers include in order to immerse Disney guests into the story that surrounds them.

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