The Mature Mouse™ Anniversary Giveaway

You have not had a chance to enter The Mature Mouse™ Anniversary Giveaway, there is still time. Emails will be accepted until midnight tonight, December 5, 2015.

The Mature Mouse™

The Mature Mouse™ marks its first anniversary on November 30th. I began this blog with one purpose, to provide a voice for older, more mature Disney fans.  I would like you to enjoy the Disney Magic I experience in at Walt Disney World, and hopefully, someday, Disneyland.

Your response to this blog, dear readers, has been overwhelming; The Mature Mouse™ now has over 560 followers. To express my appreciation, The Mature Mouse™ is offering an anniversary giveaway.

The prize is this authentic Mickey Mouse sweatshirt, purchased this past June during my solo trip at Walt Disney World . It has not previously been worn. The original store tag is still attached.

Image-1Instructions to enter The Mature Mouse™ Anniversary Giveaway:

  1. Answer the 5 simple questions listed below. Each question contains a link to one of my blogs where you will find the correct answer.
  2. Email me your answers, along with your name and mailing address,

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