I Am No Longer At Disney

A satirical look at the post-trip crash all Disney vacationers experience.

Guests feel an intense level of excitement as they begin their Walt Disney World vacation. The disheartening feeling is just as intense as your vacation ends. There comes a time when you begin to realize you are no longer at Disney.IMG_7152

I was still riding in Disney transportation as I left Pop Century. My luggage had already been checked at the resort, so Disney would insure that it would accompany me in my flight home.

You will find numerous busses outside the terminal at Logan in Boston. One of these would take me back to Maine. I thought of the line of Disney busses standing by to take you to the parks. Maybe I was only tired. Or, the Disney bubble of euphoria still engulfed me.

I finally began to realize my recent Disney experience was over when I had to pay for parking at the Portland bus station. I ceased to be one of Disney’s guests. No one was insuring my luggage would reach my destination. No one was driving me ‘home’. There were no plans to be made for a  trip to the parks the next day.IMG_7790

I made my own breakfast the next morning. Gone was the food court with all its choices. I was not on Disney’s dining plan anymore. I visited the local mall later in the morning and I had a Disney flashback as I walked through the food court. I thought about having a snack, but I realized all my snack credits were gone. I would have to pay out-of-pocket instead of using my MagicBand.

There is a Disney promotional commercial that suggests that the power of the MagicBand. would make life so much easier. I always thought this was just a gimmick, a marketing ploy to make you believe that the magic of a Disney experience extends beyond the parks. The Mature Mouse™ is well aware that Disney magic does exist, even when your vacation is over. This is why fans read and write blogs, listen to podcasts, and follow fan sites.


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