Marceline to Magic Kingdom

Please see an overview of my recent experience with the Marceline to Magic Tour: In Honor of Disneyland’s 60th Birthday.

 The Mature Mouse™ returns to the Magic Kingdom for 18 hours (or as close as I am able to make it). The day begins with the Marceline to Magic Tour at 8 o’clock, an hour before the park opens. I’m very excited to be in MK without the crowds, and to learn about the history of Walt Disney and his development of the parks. 

Also on the agenda for today: The Mature Mouse™ meets the one and only Mickey Mouse. It is history in the making. 

Although the park closes at midnight, Magic Kingdom has extra magic hours until 2 a.m. for park guest. My plans are (were) to be in the park all day and evening, resting often. However, based on the experiences of the past few days, I may need to return to my resort for a short siesta. 

If you are in the Magic Kingdom today and see a someone sporting a baseball cap that proudly states, I am a Mature Mouse™, please say hello. 


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