Places to relax in Magic Kingdom

Back in February, I posted a link to the quiet places in the Animal Kingdom. There was also a post back in April that included a link to a list of the top ten quiet spots at Walt Disney World. As a middle-aged fan of the Disney Parks, a Mature Mouse™, I enjoy taking time to relax and enjoy the theming created by the Imagineers. And, during those hot, humid days in the Florida sun, it is important for park visitors to rest, regardless of their age.

Herb Leibacher, from World of Walt, has posted a list of places to relax while touring Magic Kingdom. My favorite of these spots is the Tomorrowland Transit Authority, also known as the PeopleMover. It is both an attraction and a shaded sport to relax as you take a ride around Tomorrowland.


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3 thoughts on “Places to relax in Magic Kingdom

  1. Love it! TTA or the PeopleMover….has always been my favorite place to relax! Even when I worked at WDW on my days off you could often find me on the TTA. It is not only great for a cool breeze on a hot day but it is a great place to get some “alone” time 🙂 I have done a lot of thinking on the TTA! Thanks for the blog! 🙂

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