Magic Exists within Disney’s Attention to Detail

The Mature Mouse™ is always referring to the Disney magic that exists within the details created by Imagineers. Disney Nouns image of of the faux butte at Disneyland’s Radiator Springs Racers is an excellent example of that attention to detail.


One reason I love photographing at a Disney park or resort is because of the high level of detail the Imagineers put into everything. It’s not enough to make something look like a thing, but it must make you believe you are seeing the actual thing!


Cars Land landscape at Disneyland, California

Radiator Springs Racers takes its riders through some of the most breath-taking scenery ever built. But the building is so well done that you’ll believe it was the result of millions of years of natural sculpting!

In the picture above, I tried to further the cheat by obscuring the butte behind other objects, but almost blacking out those objects to make the subject of my photograph pop.

You’d almost believe I took this shot along Route 66 instead of inside a fictional place called Disneyland!

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