Video of Hatbox Ghost in Attic of Haunted Mansion

Please click on the image to view a short YouTube video of the Hatbox Ghost. This gives you a doombuggie view of the ride so that you can see where the Hatbox Ghost appears in the attic portion of Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion.  The Hatbox Ghost has a website:

Hatbox Ghost – Best Low Light Quality HD


4 thoughts on “Video of Hatbox Ghost in Attic of Haunted Mansion

    1. Great question, unfortunately Disney has not commented one way or the other. At least, I have not seen a comment on any of the sites, blogs, or podcasts that I follow. I do know they brought the Hatbox Ghost back to Disneyland as part of the 60th anniversary celebration. He was at the Haunted Mansion when it first opened in Disneyland, but he did not work well, so the Imagineers remove him a few months later. I hope they will bring him to Disney World’s version of the attraction. However, Disney does like to have differences between the east and west coast parks, so who knows.

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