WDW Top Tip Tuesday: Celebration Buttons!

The Mature Mouse agrees, ask for a celebration button. Although it’s not a guarantee, celebration buttons tend to bring extra Disney Magic your way.


Welcome to other addition of WDW Top Tip Tuesday!

This weeks top tip: Grab yourself a celebration button!

Okay, so I know not EVERY trip to WDW is going to fall on a Birthday, or an Anniversary, or another special occasion, but when those things do coincide with your disney vacation, make sure you grab a celebration button!

Me wearing my Birthday button at WDW! Me wearing my Birthday button at WDW!

If like me you are from the United Kingdom, you may know these better as ‘badges’ but in Disney World they call them buttons so thats what you need to ask for.  You can get a button from your resort hotel check in desk (if you are staying on site) or from Guest Relations at one of the parks or Downtown Disney. Some cast members even carry them around, so it’s worth asking if you are celebrating something!

Wearing a celebration button will get you…

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