Strategic Planning for your Walt Disney World Vacation

Many people design their Disney World trip as if it is a battle and they must possess a strategic plan of approach. Other vacationers prefer their vacations to be spontaneous. The Mature Mouse recommends planning, while allowing for flexibility and spontaneity. The more you’re prepared, the more flexible you can be as your vacation progresses. 

Disney Fanatic published a list of the mist common mistakes vacationers, especially rookies, make when visiting Walt Disney World Resort. What do you think of their list? Do agree with all 17, or do you have your own thoughts about planning? What are some of the errors you’ve made in planning your vacation at the most magical place on earth? 

I began planning my Disney World Vacation by calling Jennie Nowers. When the Cool Summer Savings were released, Jennie was up early rebooking my trip, which saved me 15% on the cost of my resort stay. I did not need to do a thing. Tell her that The Mature Mouse™ sent you and receive a special gift from Jennie with your next booking.

Please visit The Mature Mouse™ store for logo merchandise. Many of the items would make great additions to your vacation gear and attire.   



2 thoughts on “Strategic Planning for your Walt Disney World Vacation

    1. Have a great trip at the original Disney theme park. My one and only visit to Disneyland was back in 1970, at the age of 12. I hope to make a return visit someday.


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