Tips for using FastPass+ at Walt Disney World

This is a good companion piece to my recent post about planning for my next Disney World vacation. A major part of planning a trip to Disney World is choosing 3 attractions to schedule your daily FastPass+ allotment. Disney Fantic offers these tips in helping guests make their choices on which attractions are worth a FastPass. 

What is your FastPass+ strategy? Do you agree with Disney Fantic’s suggestions? Are you a fan of the new FastPass+ system? Please leave a comment below. 



3 thoughts on “Tips for using FastPass+ at Walt Disney World

  1. We are going in May so we just chose our fast passes. It’s been challenging because our dinner reservations are all over the place. We did the best we could but because we want to do the Star Wars breakfast it’s thrown a wrench into our planning and it took forever for us to get those reservations. Canceling it isn’t really an option!

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    1. I understand your dilemma. During our trip last June, we built our schedule around all our ADRs. Your FastPass+ reservations should be more flexible, and I would work around the Star Wars breakfast. I am jealous. I have yet to have the opportunity to be in the park during Star Wars weekends.

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