The Wonderful World of Disney

“As most baby-boomers, I grew up watching Disney shows, such as the original Mickey Mouse Club.” That is how I began my first post to this blog, Chapter 1: Never too old for Disney. I recently discovered a complete episode of The Wonderful World of Disney, from 1994, that celebrated the 40 Years of Television Magic. This special brings back memories of my family sitting around the television at 7 o’clock every Sunday evening to catch the next installment of this incredible show. My favorite episodes were those that featured an inside look at Disneyland, and insights into the magic created by Imagineers.Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 5.46.00 PM

I did not understand until recently that Walt had established a collaboration with ABC in the creation of this show. ABC contributed much-needed funds to help Disney accomplish his dream of Disneyland. From there, the rest is history. Without The Wonderful World of Color, Disneyland would not exist. And, without Disneyland, we would not have Walt Disney World. Click on the image below to view this special episode on YouTube, and enjoy your walk down memory lane.Walt_Disney's_Wonderful_World_of_Color

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