When is your next trip to Walt Disney World

Leave a comment below and let me know when you’re planning your next Disney World Vacation. 


6 thoughts on “When is your next trip to Walt Disney World

    1. Awesome! Someday, maybe when all the Star Wars additions are made at Hollywood Studios, I’ll go during one of the SW weekends. I am, however, planing a solo trip at the end of June! ☺️

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      1. Do you stay on Disney property? We are staying at the Dolphin for the first time. Not too sure what to expect!


      2. Yes, I always stay on property. It cost a little more, but you get a lot more perks. There’s free transportation to the parks, the dining plans (I’m not sure if this is available at the Swan & Dolphin), and Disney theming. The Swan & Dolphin are EPCOT resorts, within walking or boating distance to EPCOT. We stayed at the Beach Club last June and really enjoyed that area.

        For my trip this coming June I’ve chosen Disney’s Pop Century, a value resort to save money. It will be my first time staying at this resort. The theming is incredible, based on the pop culture of the past five decades. The Pop Century also offers dedicated buses to all the parks.

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      3. We ended up getting a deal on the Dolphin which is why we are staying there. I’ve heard good things about Pop Century and actually wanted to stay there… until the husband found us a better deal. Our package ended up being way cheaper than any of the other resorts. Only problem we have found is no magical express from the airport. 😦 We’ve stayed at The Caribbean Beach Resort once before and it was awesome. Hope you have a fabulously magical trip!

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