Walt Disney World Value Resorts

“In 1994, the first of the Walt Disney World Value Resorts opened.” Dad’s Guide to WDW recently posted an overview of the Value resorts at Walt Disney World. As I have mentioned in this blog, my favorite resort is Disney’s Beach Club for many reasons. You can read about our resort choice back in Chapter 2: The right Disney Resort, for us. However, my budget will not always afford me the opportunity to stay at a deluxe resort. I am looking at Disney’s Pop Century Resort for my next trip. This value resort offers dedicated busses to the parks, and some great theming based on the pop culture of the 1950’s, ’60’s, ’70’s, ’80’s, and ’90’s.

Have you stayed at a value resort? If so, which one and how was your experience? If you have not stayed at a value resort, why not? IS it because these resorts are themed more for families with children, or because you really enjoy the comfort of the moderate and/or deluxe resorts at Walt Disney World.

Click on the image of Disney’s Pop Century to visit the full article by Dad’s Guide to WDW.disney-world-value-resorts-pop-front-judd


2 thoughts on “Walt Disney World Value Resorts

  1. We’ve only stayed at the Caribbean Beach Resort. We plan on going to Disney in late May but can’t figure out where to stay! We’ve been going back and forth with this question for a little bit of time now.

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    1. Do you use a certified Disney travel agent? If not, I strongly recommend contacting mine, Jennie Nowers. There’s a link on my home page. She can help you look at all the different types of resorts and consider budget, location, and amenities.


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