How to use your Extra Magic Hour

The Extra Magic Hour offered at Disney World Parks seems like a great opportunity to tour the parks without the crowds. The Mature Mouse™ has not had an opportunity to enter a park early, or stay late. I’m planning on taking advantage of the extra hour(s) during my next trip. I especially want to experience the Magic Kingdom after normal hours. What about you? Have you used extra hours offered to guest staying on property? Or, do you stay away from the parks on those days extra hours are offered? I would love to hear from you.

Walt Disney World Academy

Extra Magic HourYour “Extra Magic Hour” at Disney World is your admission into a designated theme park one hour before it opens to the public or up to two hours after a park closes to the public. How do you get this privilege? Easy – you simply stay on Disney property, the Hilton by Downtown Disney, or Shades of Green Resort.

You’ll likely hear mixed reviews of the Extra Magic Hour- some say avoid the parks on days that offer the Extra Magic Hour(s), but I disagree. That extra time is very valuable and a lot can be done during an hour with no crowds. In fact, on a recent trip to Disneyland, my family was able to pretty much do every ride offered in Fantasyland during the Extra Magic Hour. I can agree, however, that if you do not have the Extra Magic Hour privilege (due to not staying on Disney property)…

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One thought on “How to use your Extra Magic Hour

  1. I have not stayed on Disney property since I was a baby,so I never used the extra hours. I have been to Disney World a lot,and I love it!:)

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