100 Proof – Disney World is NOT just for kids

Are your family and friends still questioning your love of Walt Disney World? Do they still think that Disney World is just for kids? Well, here is 100 proof evidence of just the adult side of Disney Parks. Disney Food Blog has posted their top 10 Disney World bars and lounges. Cheers!


3 thoughts on “100 Proof – Disney World is NOT just for kids

  1. I was introduced to WDW in my late 30’s with my husband’s love for the park. We are proof (along with many other friends without young children) that Disney is magical for all ages!

    I’m going over to your link now! Chances are we have already explored many of the ones listed.


    1. I just rediscovered WDW last June at the age of 56. Researching and writing about WDW has become my hobby, some would say it’s my obsession. Unfortunately, my family and friends are less than enthusiastic with Disney.

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      1. HA! Now I have to go to your “about” page!

        My brother and wife have spoken about going to WDW next year. Needless to say I’m going with them and their 4 kids! Sure this is slightly off the topic of being a mature mouse lover but the magic of Disney sinks deep if one allows it to.

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